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Contemporary diplomacy

Contemporary diplomacy implies the use of modern tools in the field of information and communication technologies. Through its use, diplomats are enabled to act promptly according to the goals of interest and to have access to a wide range of information and documents. 
Contemporary diplomatic action is more than ever oriented towards multilateral questions. Issues that were not so present in the past and which today emerge as the key questions like environment and climate change, migration, human rights, rule of law and etc.

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A brief history of Yoga diplomacy

Asoke Mukerji

Yoga, said Narendra Modi at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September 2014, is not just exercise. \'By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can also help us deal with climate change.\'...

After Merkel

Milan Jazbec

20 February 2022

Contemporary diplomacy

When Paul McCartney was coining the lyrics for \'Those Were the Days\', performed magnificently and with a touching romantic crescendo by Mary Hopkin, a young, bright, and promising student in Templin was dreaming o...

Pandemic boost for video-conferencing?

Geoff Berridge

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been announced that the second round of face-to-face talks on the UK’s new relationship with the EU, due to take place in London next week with the arrival of an EU deleg...

[WebDebate #28 summary] Humanising immigration

Andrijana Gavrilović

Our March WebDebate explored conflicting narratives on immigration and delved into the challenges and opportunities of intercultural relations in the context of diplomatic practice. We were joined by Ms Ifigenia Georg...

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European Union external action structure: Beyond state and intergovernmental organisations diplomacy

This dissertation analyses the organisation of the external action structures of the European Union. As an international actor which is beyond a state, but also different to traditional international organisations, the EU has created a “diplomatic constellation” ... Read more...

angle, Universiteit Gent Universiteitsbibliotheek


Assessing feasibility for a binding international legal instrument on cyberweapons: A maturity model approach

Cyberwarfare has emerged from the expeditious expansion of the Internet as a new mode of conflict that can anonymously and remotely disrupt the core functions of a state.... Read more...

university of malta logo, University of Malta


The birth and the existence of Lesotho: A diplomatic lesson

The dissertation will focus on the birth and present state of existence of Lesotho, as a nation state, a state inside another state, looking at how diplomacy is at the centre of all this. The research will examine the history of South Africa and the events that led to ... Read more...


Barriers to conflict resolution in Africa: Mediating beyond power and ethnicity in the EAC and SADC countries through a Kenyan case study

This paper assesses the relevance of ethnicity and power in conflicts occurring in the EAC and SADC regions through a case study of Kenya. It engages with elites’ power contestation and the manner in which power has historically caused violence and instability in Ken... Read more...

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Diplomacy at the Cutting Edge

I started writing a memoire in 1998, but on a long train journey in Germany (Stuttgart to Essen), accompanied by my wonderful wife Mimi, a thought came that it might be much more interesting to write about how the Indian diplomatic system works – or does not really w... Read more...

Diplomacy at the Cutting Edge


Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, Fifth Edition

In 2005, I reviewed the third edition of Diplomacy: Theory and Practice by G.R. Berridge as essential reading for Robinson Crusoe, had he been a student of diplomacy. We all know that eventually Crusoe ended his assignment on the foreign island and returned to his nati... Read more...

a clock that is on the side of a wall, diplomacy theory and practice, Diplomacy: Theory and Practice

ifri think tank, Institut français des relations internationales


The impact of the Internet on diplomatic reporting: how diplomacy training needs to be adjusted to keep pace

Over the last 20 years, the Internet has changed the ways in which we work, how we socialise and network, and how we interact with knowledge and information.... Read more...

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